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My name is Sierra and I will admit that I am a computer junky. I'm from Detroit, Michigan and I love it. I am a bit annoying and I have two completely separate lives and two completely different groups of friends to go with each one. My first life is my computer nerd life. I'm into anime and role playing and acting completely nerdy. My second life however is a party girl life. I love going to concerts and supporting my fav band that I have loved since their garage band days, Every Avenue. Thats a lil about me!
Location Detroit, MI
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Interested in Both
Status It's complicated
Interests concerts, anime, html, shopping, hanging out, chatting, editing, singing, dancing, acting, watching tv, blue's clues, drawing, over priced coffee drinks, horseback riding, swimming, fly swatters, playing keyboard, dying my hair, writing, reading, rain, storms, hugs, romance, nature, emo boys, playful girls, silly animals, posters, stickers, music, csi miami, bi boys, kiwi, bananas, macaroni and cheese, movies, stickam, meebo, graffic t's, misery, break downs, chokers, whips, catsup, apples, and lots of other stuff
Music emo, screamo, phunk, rock, thrash, metal, country, indie rock, jpop, kpop, alternative, dance, electropop
Movies horror, comedy, drama, romance, action
TV csi, family guy, oblongs, anime, spongebob, blues clues, wonderpets, chris angel
Quotes Time will destroy us

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IM suichiblue,,


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